It’s My Birthday, so I’m Inviting You for FREE to Join Me at the Dream College Summit

It’s my birthday week, and you know what would make special day even more special? If you joined me for FREE at the Dream College Summit.

See, every year as I get older, my birthdays get more and more low-key. It’s not that I’ve become a grumpy, old man with nothing to celebrate. On the contrary! It’s that I’ve become more deliberate about who I choose to celebrate with. From those past birthday bashes with dozens of people (most of whom I don’t even really know) to the intimate celebration dinners with just my closest friends, I’ve learned to value quality over quantity.

And because you’ve opted to join my email newsletter, you are an important part of my professional life. That’s why I want to invite you to the Dream College Summit, a totally online event (May 14-17, 2018) to help you get into the college of your wildest fantasies.

Join me and 25+ speakers as we take you behind closed doors into the admissions room, revealing all the dirty little secrets.

Specifically, I’ll be sharing the absolute worst way that almost every student tries to study for the SAT/ACT (as well as the right way). I’ll also discuss the top strategies in each section, from reading to math to science.

As for the rest of the line up? Well, we’ve got incredible experts who have been featured on Forbes, FOX, NY Times, NBC, ABC, US News, and more. There’s even a Shark Tank winner!

Some of these speakers charge hundreds of dollars to attend ONE of their live events, but you get to hear them all in one place for FREE with my invitation — and you don’t even have to leave your home.

Pick up your free ticket now! Run, don’t walk to this FREE TICKET LINK.


Here’s a sneak peek:

Day 1: Test Prep Tips

  • Test Prep Tips from a Brown Alum :: Peter Peng (that’s me!)
  • Acing the ACT :: Lauren Gaggioli
  • SAT Strategies from a Perfect Score Expert :: Shaan Patel
  • Optimizing Your Test Prep :: Stacey Howe-Lott
  • Test Taking Strategies for Every Test :: Eric Rath
  • Test Taking Tips for Students with Learning Challenges :: Alexis Avila

Day 2: Personal Statements and Essays

  • Supplemental Essay Strategies :: Nived Ravikumar
  • Resume and Essay Tips for Every Student :: Aleks Trpkovska
  • Making Your Application Stand Out from a Cornell Alum :: Dr. Shirag Shemmassian
  • How to Simplify and Enhance Your Application Process :: Dr. Rebecca Joseph
  • How Successful Essays & Mentors Can Help You :: Stephanie Shyu
  • How to Write Your Best College Essay :: Ethan Sawyer
  • How Mentors Can Unlock Students’ Potential :: Elizabeth Dankoski

Day 3: All Things Applications

  • STEM Internships: How to Get Them & Why They’re Important :: Dr. Mark Hofer
  • Tips for Non-Traditional Students :: Penny Reeves
  • Impressing Your Alumni Interviewer :: Anna Ren
  • An Inside Look at Elite STEM Programs :: Meredith Graham
  • STEM Advice from a Scientist and Former UC Admissions Reader :: Dr. Shelley Enger
  • Creating Your Best UC Application :: Ms. Sun
  • Application Tips from an Ivy Admissions Insider :: Sara Harberson

Day 4: Financial Aid and Tips for Parents

  • Financial Aid Tips for Different Circumstances :: Matthew Carpenter
  • Unleashing Your Kids’ Superpowers with Positivity :: Dr. Robert Zeitlin
  • Raising Your Own Supaman :: Nate Turner
  • Maximizing Merit Money from a Former Financial Services Executive :: Debbie Schwartz
  • Tips for College Funding from a Financial Planner :: Joe Messinger CFP
  • Saving More and Spending Less on College :: John Hupalo

Seriously, this panel is off the chain.

I really hope you’ll come see me at the Dream College Summit! Best bday gift ever if you do 🙂 Pick up your free ticket here (it literally takes 10 seconds).

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