5 Surprising Tips That Will Help You Get Into Your Dream College

By Contributing Writer Ellie Brady

College readiness is important for high school graduates as it can help you get into your dream school. As such, it is important to start preparing as early as you can so you have time to build your application and submit the requirements.

However, being accepted into your dream college is more than just getting good grades and having a high SAT score. There are other aspects that admissions offices will look at such as your essay and extracurricular activities. That said, below are surprising tips that will help you get into your dream college.

Have a Unique Accomplishment

You may think being well rounded is the key to getting into a good college because it shows that you are versatile. That is true. However, it is also good to have one unique yet major accomplishment that will set you apart from other applicants. For example, if you plan to major in veterinary medicine, an accomplishment that will make you stand out is having cared for reptiles when you volunteered at a rescue center. This will not only show that you have experience with animals, but that you learned specific skills.

Practice Your Creative Writing Skills

College admission essays are part of every application process. By practicing your creative writing skills, you will learn how to write deep essays that hook the reader and convey a message beyond your achievements. To practice this, read and write often. By reading lots of articles and blog posts you will learn how experienced writers narrate their stories. By keeping a journal, you are able to practice writing about yourself — which is ultimately what your admissions essay will be about. Having creative writing skills will also help you in your post-graduate life when you need to write a letter of intent for a job application.

Get Volunteer Experience

Some students may disregard its importance, but in reality, volunteering helps you during the college application and after you graduate. Moreover, volunteer experience will add integrity to your resume, as it shows that you have character. It proves that you took time outside of your studies and extracurricular activities to learn something new or help other people. It also shows off your time management skills, as you managed to squeeze in some volunteer hours into your busy life.

Display Your Interest in the School

Show an active interest in your dream school even before you apply or get accepted. Plan campus visits, attend campus tours, and participate in events or programs that are open to the public. This demonstrates your intent and genuine interest in studying there. Knowledge about the school, its history, and your experiences there will also aid in the interview process, should you be required or offered to do one. When you’re on campus, you should also visit the admissions office to ask questions about their process and requirements.

Develop Good Connections With Your Current Teachers

Forming a good relationship with your teachers is not only the right thing to do but will also help them (and you) when writing a good letter of recommendation. Recommendation letters are required by colleges during their admissions process. As such, you should ask for a recommendation letter from a teacher who knows you well. It helps that they are aware of your academic abilities and strengths, as well as you as a person and not just a student.

Getting into your dream school can be pressuring and stress-inducing. However, if you start preparing early by using the tips mentioned above, you will have a higher chance of getting into your dream college.

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