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FREE! Introducing the SAT Decoded: Crash Course

Imagine for a second if you could know exactly which concepts to focus on—the ones that make up the bulk of the test and really matter. What would it feel like if you could eliminate all uncertainty about your answer choices? What if you could solve hard math questions without actually setting up any complicated equations? Are you tired of knowing the concepts, yet still somehow getting those questions wrong? As you probably know, I’ve been working on something big […]

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First Full-Length New PSAT Math: Post-Mortem

In the last few days, I’ve given you a first look at the new PSAT, the most radical change to the test in about a decade. Today’s post is the last of this series. If you missed anything, check it all out here: Part 1: New PSAT General Impressions Part 2: New PSAT Reading Part 3: New PSAT Writing & Language Part 4: New PSAT Math (this is the current post) Let’s dive right in. Okay, I’m not a math guy

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Functions Got You Down?

Friggin’ functions, right? Do they got you down? Don’t despair because I’ve created a fantastic playlist explaining them. This is a BIG concept on the SAT that makes up anywhere from 4-6 questions per test (out of 54 math questions, so that’s a lot. 7.4% to 11.1% of the math section!). It also tends to be ripe with traps because it’s a concept that very few people truly grasp. I implore you to watch these in order (it’ll take a few

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Cracking Combinations & Permutations (Counting & Listing)

Here is just a quick overview of how I approach combination or permutation questions. You know, the ones that say if there are 5 vampires and 7 werewolves available to capture Bella (Kristen Stewart), how many different teams of three comprised of 2 vampires and 1 werewolf can be sent after her? Okay, clearly I know nothing about Twilight because I’m too manly to watch that crap, and I’m pretty sure that’s not how the story goes…but hey…you get the idea.

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How to Crack Mathematical Sequences & Patterns

Humans are pattern-recognition machines. That’s why the SAT likes to test how good you are at seeing them. There are four general types of sequence/pattern questions on the SAT. Arithmetic Sequences Geometric Sequences Repeating Sequences Miscellaneous Patterns The first two (arithmetic and geometric) have formulas you MUST memorize. The latter two (repeating and miscellaneous) have special approaches you should use but no formulas. Arithmetic Sequences: a pattern involving adding or subtracting the same number repeatedly. E.g. 2, 4, 6, 8,

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