Hello! I’m Peter, your SAT/ACT and college admissions insider.

Think of me as your spy on the inside, someone who’s infiltrated the ranks of elite universities/colleges, the College Board, and ACT Inc. to expose the unique ways they craft their traps. Do you ever find yourself down to two choices but somehow always pick the wrong one? Imagine for a second if you had a bulletproof way to always pick the right answer…without doubt, without guessing! What if you could annihilate that crippling feeling of not knowing how to approach a problem? Overwhelmed? Let me erase that sinking sense of feeling lost and confused. I’ll show you how you (yes YOU) can confidently, quickly, and accurately answer every question the test throws at you.


After graduating from an Ivy League school (Brown University) and scoring nearly perfect in high school, I became a full-time SAT/ACT strategist and college admissions advisor. With over 20,000 hours of live coaching experience under my belt, I can fling open the iron gates of your dream college.

Through precision prep and a personalized system, I’ll shave hours off your study time and skyrocket your score by hundreds of points. You will learn to leverage what you already know to demolish questions that you don’t. These tests are predictable games, so allow me to decode them for you.

Among the things you can expect to learn:

  • Super detailed tactics and strategies to skyrocket your scores
  • The devious traps and patterns commonly used on the SAT/ACT (only obvious after analyzing thousands of real, official questions)
  • Psychological shifts that will improve your productivity and retention rates (i.e. study effectiveness)
  • How to shave hours off your prep time by focusing on what’s truly important

I’ve been involved in college admissions prep since 2008 (over a decade), and helping students get into their dream school has been my full-time professional job. I specialize almost exclusively in three things–SAT/SAT Subject Tests, ACT, and college admissions counseling/essays–so rest assured that I eat, breathe, and sleep college admissions.

Thanks for reading the best SAT/ACT and college admissions blog in the world (probably)!

-Peter Peng

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  1. To all students who are skeptical about this, don’t be. As an aspiring student trying to get into the best possible schools a couple of years ago, I was worried about not being able to increase my ACT score enough to be accepted to where I wanted to go. However, after working with Peter, I can honestly say that the three weeks of cramming was well worth it as I increased my ACT score from a 26 to a 32. He uses a variety of teaching methods and is very personal with everything he teaches. Although the rigorous two hour tutoring sessions substantially helped me, I can say one of the most important things a student must do is to fully dedicate themsleves in the homework he provides. Yes, that means doing practice problems on top of the tutoring session problems. As a current student, I cannot stress the importance of practice enough. It is one thing to learn in present time, but that can all go to waste if you do not actively practice what Peter teaches because practicing what he preaches really ingrains all of the lessons being taught in ones mind so it naturally becomes second nature during the actual test. Furthermore, I cannot thank Peter enough for all his help in getting me into the school of my choice.

    To whom it may concern, I attend Oberlin College in Ohio now, one of the premeir liberal art schools.

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