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Ultimate Guide to World-Class Extracurriculars That Open the Gates to Stanford, Harvard, & the Rest of the Ivy League

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…even if you think you don’t have time and are already a senior …even if you believe you aren’t good at anything Table of Contents So You Want to Get Into the Ivy League, Huh? So Who is This Guide For, Exactly? The Most Dangerous College Myth: A Well-Rounded Student The Biggest Obstacles to Getting Accepted How Students Are Judged How Extracurriculars …

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What Dating My Girlfriend Taught Me About Wooing Colleges

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I’ve been thinking a lot about marriage lately. Yeah, yeah, I’m basically revealing how old I am — I’m at that age when all my friends are going gah-gah over baby pictures (either their own drool and snot-making machine or their friends’ babies). But all this marriage thinking reminds me of a different phase: pre-marriage (otherwise known as dating). And …

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What Bruce Lee Teaches About the SAT & ACT

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Most of the crew was gone. They were hitting the slopes at Mammoth Lake, but lucky me, I was burning from elevation sickness. Feverish disposition, bleary vision, and a grumpy attitude. Never before have I ever experienced such sensations, not in any of the many snowboarding trips I’ve taken throughout the years. Why here? Why now? It was the first …