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Who Said the Ivy League Was Impossible? Make it Your Reality w/ FREE Tix to the Dream College Summit

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I am all about sharing the latest scoop with you on college admissions and SAT/ACT prep. And I’m all about doing it with as little fanfare and in this case, NO MONEY! I know getting into your dream college is one of the most burning issues for students and parents alike. I also know that not enough people (almost NO …

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Ultimate Guide to World-Class Extracurriculars That Open the Gates to Stanford, Harvard, & the Rest of the Ivy League

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…even if you think you don’t have time and are already a senior …even if you believe you aren’t good at anything Table of Contents So You Want to Get Into the Ivy League, Huh? So Who is This Guide For, Exactly? The Most Dangerous College Myth: A Well-Rounded Student The Biggest Obstacles to Getting Accepted How Students Are Judged How Extracurriculars …

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What Bruce Lee Teaches About the SAT & ACT

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Most of the crew was gone. They were hitting the slopes at Mammoth Lake, but lucky me, I was burning from elevation sickness. Feverish disposition, bleary vision, and a grumpy attitude. Never before have I ever experienced such sensations, not in any of the many snowboarding trips I’ve taken throughout the years. Why here? Why now? It was the first …

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FREE! Introducing the SAT Decoded: Crash Course

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Imagine for a second if you could know exactly which concepts to focus on—the ones that make up the bulk of the test and really matter. What would it feel like if you could eliminate all uncertainty about your answer choices? What if you could solve hard math questions without actually setting up any complicated equations? Are you tired of …

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Why You Need to Learn How to Learn

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If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know I’m all about precision prep and systematized studying. Most people have never learned how to learn. I’d like to say that’s okay, but it’s really not. The thing is, no one really teaches us the proper way to learn. Our teachers can teach us math facts and grammar rules and literary …