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How to Overcome Lack of Discipline with SAT/ACT Studying

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Preparing for the SAT/ACT is no joke. You may have heard the horror stories of months and months of studying, thousands of practice questions, and dozens of practice tests. It’s no wonder millions of students dread studying for these tests and why so many families feel huge relief at the trend of test-optional colleges. But before you rejoice, you may want to consider why it’s probably still in your best interest to take the SAT/ACT. But let’s say you’ve decided […]

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8 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring an SAT/ACT Tutor

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It’s no secret that the SAT/ACT test prep industry is saturated. With literally thousands of companies and even more tutors out there, how can you possibly decide who to trust? Word of mouth? Years of experience? Testimonials? Whomever you happen to resonate with? Or does test prep feel like a commodity service, so you’re just looking for the cheapest price? Having worked for four other SAT/ACT prep agencies for many years (and even being promoted to Director of Instruction, which

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The Secret to Cutting Your SAT/ACT Prep Time in Half

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I’m a cautionary tale of what NOT to do. SAT/ACT prep doesn’t have to take forever, but it easily can if you approach it the wrong way. It took me over 5 years in middle/high school to finally score higher than 1500 (out of 1600) on SAT. If someone had shown me the proper way, it could have been done in just a few months. And the thing was, my parents actually signed me up for SAT classes! I vividly

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How “Studying” is Actually Counterproductive

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Tell me if this sounds like the way you study. You pull out a practice SAT/ACT or problem set and start making your way through the questions. Some of them you understand; some of them you don’t. Either after every question or after every section or drill set, you check your answers in the back of the book or test packet. If you have a book, you read over the answer explanations. If it’s a practice test, you try reasoning

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Are You a Bad Test-Taker?

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Tell me, have you ever felt this? This annoying, ego-deflating feeling that you’re simply a “bad test taker”? Have you ever felt that standardized tests just aren’t your thing? Maybe you do decently or even excellently in school. You may even have straight As. And even if you don’t, maybe you feel your GPA just doesn’t seem to match your SAT/ACT score. For whatever reason, the SAT/ACT score feels oddly low for you. If you’re a parent, maybe none of

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Do You Still Need to Take the SAT/ACT?

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You’ve already heard, right? More and more colleges are doing away with the SAT/ACT requirement, and the list of test-optional schools is growing with about 1,100 universities/colleges currently. The college landscape has become almost unrecognizable in these 3 last months alone as we’re beginning to see the effects of the coronavirus. Virtually all American colleges and universities have become SAT/ACT test-optional for at least the upcoming round of admissions (rising seniors) because the Collegeboard and ACT Inc. have been unable

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