Good Enough is No Good

It’s T-10 for the June 6th SAT (and T-17 for the June 13th ACT). Are you ready? Lately, many of you have been bombarded with APs and finals or, I don’t know, watching that tears-inducing The Flash finale (no? just me?) that you’ve relegated your SAT/ACT studies to the backburner. So with little time left, we have to edge out every ounce of productivity and effectiveness. The biggest factor of all is simple: how badly do you want this? No, seriously, …

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The Verdict is In: You’re Sentenced to 30 Minutes!

We all do things that are highly unproductive. We tell ourselves we need this downtime to unwind. After all, it’s been a long day at school. You had a long sports practice or after school music rehearsal. You just broke up with my boyfriend/girlfriend. Whatever reason you have…listen, I get it. I was the same way myself. In high school, I procrastinated like crazy, often only starting my homework at midnight. It’s no wonder I was up till 7am more nights than I …

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Stupid Alert: You Might Want to Sit Down

At some point, we’ve all been a little brain dead. I once thought 10/5 was 5. Can you spot my flawed thought process here? (Hint: I subtracted, rather than divided). But the girl in this video below really takes the cake. I guarantee it’ll be the funniest 5 minutes of your day. I was dyyyyiiing. You might want to sit down for this. Now, I don’t really know if it was pure ignorance or a simple brain fart that caused her to fail …

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