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SAT & ACT Reading: How to Make Sense of the Senseless

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I was re-watching one of my favorite movies tonight. Pulp Fiction by Quentin Tarantino. I love the scene where Samuel L. Jackson’s character goes ape-crazy, pulls out his gun, and screams at the man he’s about to execute, “English, mofo. Do you speak it?!” That’s got to be one of the greatest catchphrases in cinema history. Now, it’s understandable that …

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I’d Listen When a Harvard/MIT Alum Speaks

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Today’s insight comes from a very special place dear to me heart…Cambridge, Massachusetts! And I’m not saying just that because it’s home to Harvard. I mean…*cough cough* c’mon, there’s a reason I still wear this shirt to this day, right??! Just kidding. The only piece of Brown apparel I’ve ever bought was an umbrella because it was raining hard, and …

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Anticipate Your Answers to Double Your Grammar Speed & Accuracy

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Have you been using my Professor X technique for the SAT Reading section? You should. Basically, you predict the answer before you look at the answer choices. This works almost supernaturally well because it allows you to lock in on the right choice without getting distracted by any of the competing choices, each of which are designed to sound appealing. …