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You're in exceptional hands.
I'll be your on-call SAT/ACT mentor.

Enrollment closes once we reach 20 students, so sign up now to ensure your spot!

And remember, the fast action bonus (two live sessions, 3 hours) expires in:


Program Length

5 answers/day

10 answers/day

Unlimited answers/day

1 month




3 months

$375 ($125/mo)

$447 ($149/mo)

$597 ($199/mo)

6 months

$597 ($99.50/mo)

$747 ($124.50/mo)

$999 ($166.50/mo)

TERMS: By submitting your payment info, you do hereby authorize being charged for the order total prior to the start of the "Tutor in Your Pocket" program, depending on the specific package you've chosen. Furthermore, you understand that your SAT/ACT results from "Tutor in Your Pocket" are dependent on the level of effort, time, and work that you or your student/child puts into studying for the SAT/ACT. All sales final; no refunds. No warranties or guarantees are expressed or implied by Young Prodigy Inc.

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