Get ready, I’m about to unleash some wisdom…


If you’re a student, check this out:
The Ultimate Guide to Opening the Gates to the Ivy League & More

Also, here’s my 224-page insider’s guide to the SAT:
The SAT Decoded Crash Course v1.3

NOTE: This guide is for the recently retired SAT. Many of the concepts still apply, such as all the grammar rules and math techniques, but anything about the format of the questions is now obsolete. You can still access it above for posterity.

But Scout’s honor, you’ll be the FIRST to know when I finish my UPDATED GUIDE for the new SAT, which premiered in March 2016. Just keep your eyeballs glued to your email.

Now, here are a few places to get started:

See you back in the fray*!

*Fray (noun) – a battle, fight, or skirmish
(because beating the SAT/ACT is surely a challenging fight)

Just helping you up your vocab, son!


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