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Introducing SAT & ACT Ascension

NOT just another bootcamp.

If you're searching for more than a tutor who teaches, but a mentor who challenges...if you don't want to simply study, but to learn...then this program is for you.

SAT/ACT Ascension is the industry's best-kept secret to take you from low score to admission-officer's-jaw-dropping scores.

My job is not to get you a score improvement; it's to get you a stratospheric improvement that moves the needle and bumps you from one college tier to the next (or beyond)!

Give me just 8-10 weeks (10 hrs/wk) and your commitment... try something different (perhaps a little uncomfortable) and you'll be amazed at what you can achieve.

A transformational (not informational) experience

Look, I'm not just going to pull back the curtain to reveal the Collegeboard and ACT Inc.'s greatest secrets; I'm going to kick down the whole door so you know every trick, every tactic, every concept to ace the test!

Are you ready to fling the iron gates to your dream college open? Because I am.

I'm assembling a SMALL class of like-minded, ambitious students who are looking to succeed. These are the same exact strategies that hundreds of my 1-on-1 clients have paid me thousands of dollars to learn, but you're getting them at a tiny fraction of the cost (and a heck of a lot more hours + personal accountability + instant guidance). 

If you are serious, motivated, and committed to ace the test, then I invite you to apply for a call to see if we'd be a fit. The next program kicks off in Summer 2018, so book now.

Who Am I?

Peter Peng

Founder of Young Prodigy
Brown University Alumni​​​

With 10+ years (15,000+ hrs) of experience mentoring nearly 2,000 students, I've innovated SAT/ACT prep. Having taught for 4 major test prep companies, I've uncovered what works and what doesn't—and trained others in these methods to achieve unparalleled results. I've also authored some of the very best SAT/ACT and college admission guides (all free on my blog,

Brown University

Ivy Trained, But Passion Led

I believe in transformation, NOT mere information. Therefore, I hold my students to high expectations & treat them with high care. One without the other leads to utter failure, but the results of my "tough love" speak for themselves.

See what my students & their parents have said in working with me below:

Maybe I'm Just a Raving Lunatic
but don't take my word for it

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When I became an Eagle Scout, I was allowed to hand out little medals of gratitude to a select few who had made a lasting impact in my life. I spent hours forming and refining a list, taking names on and off. One was never erased though. And that was Peter Peng.

What I really admire about Peter is his work ethic and his ability to understand my thinking process and tailor a curriculum to my needs. Whenever I hit a wall or a mental block, Peter is able to find its weak points and tear it down by teaching me fresh new techniques and methods. Peter also always keeps up with the latest changes to these tests and creates new curriculum and techniques to help his students conquer them. I improved my SAT score from an 1850 to a 2300 (2350 super-score). I scored an 800 in Math, an 800 in Writing, and a 750 in Critical Reading.

With Peter’s support and ACT techniques, I was able to pull that score up to a 35...On my last try, I also scored a 36 on the ACT science section, opening doors to opportunities in any major in the STEM field.

Peter is a lot more to me than just a tutor. He is my mentor. He has stuck with me through thick and thin. Peter was always very supportive and took the time out of his schedule to answer my annoying questions and even shoot me reassuring texts before my SAT and ACT.

ISHAAN DEV  //  Arcadia High School Student
Accepted: UC Berkeley (Chemical Engineering), UCLA, UC San Diego, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Illinois, UT Austin, and more

It was always funny to see how he literally knew every answer to every kind of practice test we ever took without any sign of an answer key anywhere around.

When I first met Peter, I was a little ashamed to admit that I was an awful critical reader. I usually scored 600 or lower on this sub section of the SAT, which often ruined my overall score. Peter worked with me on this category and within a few trials, he had figured out the mistakes I was making when reading the passages. Rather than drill me with useless and unnecessary techniques as a company like Elite does, Peter targeted my specific weaknesses and used the allotted lesson times to gradually strengthen my critical reading skills. He taught me how to read a passage quickly while absorbing the necessary material in a systematic way that best suited me. He taught me how to synthesize my own answers when reading questions so that I could find the correct answers in the critical reading section both quickly and accurately.

Overall, my critical reading score improved by over a 100 points, which dramatically improved my overall SAT score. Peter also sharpened my grammar and mathematical skills and made me a smarter test taker. I improved by almost 200 points in the writing section and by over 100 points in the math section.

I learned that with a few simple techniques and a well-rounded intellect, one could easily improve their SAT score in the span of a few weeks. This was a concept that the thousands of packets from other companies would never be able to teach me.

CHRIS ZAKI  //  Arcadia High School Student

Accepted: Princeton University, University of Southern California (USC), and more

I got to stay out of it and keep the relationship with my daughter intact.

Peter came over and immediately both Dominique and I felt comfortable with him. He is bright and articulate, but also “gets” teenagers. Ok, so he went to Brown University (not too shabby), but beyond that you could tell he was dedicated to a successful outcome.

Dominique began meeting weekly with Peter, and in between those weeks, Peter would give her assignments as she prepared for taking the ACT. In addition to the weekly meetings, he assured us that he would be available to Dominque at any time with questions. He responded immediately with answers and advice. He had her on a rigorous but certainly doable schedule.

My daughter is exceptional. I know every parent thinks that, but I will share why mine really is...she has ADD and dyslexia. On top of that she tore her ACL and Meniscus midway through her junior year. She had a major surgery, studied for the ACT, took a battery of psychological tests so that she could receive extended time for the ACT, challenged herself with AP courses, and took outside art classes. Guess what?

Yesterday, she was accepted to the University of Southern California. This is her dream school. Peter’s commitment to her and to our family as she plowed through this was greatly responsible for this outcome. We worked with Peter for several months and in that time, Dominique’s ACT score rose 7 points.

I am so forever grateful to Peter, not only for his guidance and expertise all along the way, but for making what could have otherwise been an unpleasant experience pretty relaxed. No won’t find it from him.

CAROL DEMIRJIAN  //  Mother of Campbell Hall Student
Accepted: University of Southern California (USC) - 1st choice - and more

By my final ACT, my score went up a full 7 points, and my English score was a 35!

Before I worked with Peter, I had awful test anxiety for standardized testing. Once I started working with him, I completely started to gain more confidence. He taught me how to take my time and really concentrate on what the questions were. I have to admit that my worse subject on the test was math.

Peter also helped alleviate my stress by talking on the phone with me (for free I might add) for half an hour every day when the test was approaching and we would do math problems. It showed me how much he truly cared about helping me gain the confidence I needed in order to take the test.

We would always focus on Science and Math primarily. At first, I was quite nervous for the Science section. I never really enjoyed Science, but Peter helped relieve my anxiety by showing me that the section was really just reading and analyzing charts and graphs. So by the time I was taking my ACT and reached the Science section, I felt quite prepared. My best score was always English. It made me feel so confident that Peter would never worry about my skills for that section of the exam!

He was very proud of my achievements. Now I am going to the University of Southern California, my first choice college, and I know I could not have done it without the help and guidance of Peter!

RIO THOROGOOD  //  The Buckley School Student

Accepted: University of Southern California (USC) - 1st choice - and more

A personalized & strategic approach to test prep—
for stratospheric scores.

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