Who Said the Ivy League Was Impossible? Make it Your Reality w/ FREE Tix to the Dream College Summit

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I am all about sharing the latest scoop with you on college admissions and SAT/ACT prep. And I’m all about doing it with as little fanfare and in this case, NO MONEY!

I know getting into your dream college is one of the most burning issues for students and parents alike. I also know that not enough people (almost NO ONE) give you the full story; it’s all locked behind an iron curtain.

But I believe it shouldn’t be this way. I believe in revealing as much college intel as possible. So this is my humble attempt to do just that…

See, there’s something BIG coming up. It’s going down very soon — from August 28th – 31st, 2017, in fact. And I’m a part of it.

It’s called the Dream College Summit, back by popular demand, and twice as big as last year!

I’m speaking at this online conference along with 25 (!) other experts on making that Ivy League dream (or wherever you wanna go) your reality. I’m talking incredible experts, including a former Ivy League dean of admissions, a Shark Tank winner, and many more.

And as one of the speakers, I’ve snagged you a FREE ticket.

We’re going to give you a step-by-step plan to help you create your absolute best applications to impress colleges and even help you figure out how to pay for it!

Some of these speakers charge hundreds of dollars to attend ONE of their live events. But you can see all of them in one place for FREE — from the convenience of your laptop, cuddled up with a cup of whatever it is you drink (I like boba or matcha tea), dressed in your PJs if you want.


Each day gives you a different piece of the application puzzle. Here’s the lineup:

Day 1 – Aug 28, 2017: Test Prep Tips 
– Study Like Bruce Lee — Peter Peng (that’s me!) 
– Get an ACT Score that Stands Out — Lauren Gaggioli
– SAT Tips to get a Perfect Score — Shaan Patel
– Find Your Weaknesses to Conquer the SAT — Stacey Howe-Lott
– Test Taking Strategies for Every Test — Eric Rath
– Test Taking Tips for Students with Learning Difficulties — Alexis Avila

Day 2 – Aug 29, 2017: Personal Statements and Essays 
– Supplemental Essay Strategies — Nived Ravikumar
– Resume and Essay Tips to Help You Get In — Aleks Stefanovska
– Make Your Application Stand Out — Dr. Shirag Shemmassian
– Streamline Your Application Process — Dr. Rebecca Joseph
– What Successful Essays Can Teach You — Stephanie Shyu
– College Essay Essentials — Ethan Sawyer

Day 3 – Aug 30, 2017: All Things Applications 
– How to Excel in STEM — Mark Hofer
– Find Your Best Fit College — Arun Ponnusamy
– Acing Your Alumni Interview — Anna Ren
– Getting into Elite STEM Programs — Meredith Graham
– Career Preparation and Why It Matters — Beth Probst
– All Things UC — Ms. Sun
– Application Tips from an Admissions Insider — Sara Harberson

Day 4 – Aug 31, 2017: Financial Aid and Tips for Parents 
– Tips from a Mother of Four — Neelam Sethi
– Unleashing Your Kids’ Superpowers — Dr. Robert Zeitlin
– Raising Your Own Supaman — Nate Turner
– How to Get $600,000 in Merit Scholarships — Nancy Paul
– A Financial Planner’s Tips for College Funding — Joe Messinger
– Empowering College Consumers — Lynn O’Shaughnessy
– College Cash Tips — Jodi Okun

Seriously, this panel is ridiculously good (2x as big as last year).

And still 100% FREE right here.

You’ll need to register at the link above to access any of the seminars.

The catch?

Each seminar is free on the days listed in the schedule above and for short time thereafter, but if you want unlimited lifetime access + thousands of $$ of speaker bonuses + private Facebook community, you can get an all-access pass for $97. Throughout the Summit, Jessica Yeager (host of the event) is raising the price to $197, then eventually to $297. So if you want in, act early!

If not, no pressure. You can still hear every speaker for free on the proper day 🙂

Free sign up now.

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