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    1. Author
      Peter Peng

      Thanks Howard! Great meeting you and the whole family. Look forward to working with you.

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  1. David Ogbogu

    Dear Peter,
    I really need a 36 on the act and I am willing to work for it we talked previously on college confidential I was DAVE437, I just recently took the test on September 12, 2015. The Science and The English were a breeze and the Reading was OK and The math was abysmal. I heard to consistently get a 36 on the act you need to master all the material they might present or know more then what is going to be tested.Is there a place where I can find out everything that might be tested. Please help me get a 36 I willing to study and stay awake to 2:00A.M. in the mourning everyday just anything please. Thank you and have a nice day
    Sincerely, David Ogbogu

    1. Author
      Peter Peng

      Hi David,

      First of all, I’d advise you not to focus on 36. Getting a 34 or 35 will have the same effect as a 36. No college will reject you because you got a 34 and someone else got a 36 in math (especially if you have strong scores in the other areas of the test too).

      The advice you heard about learning everything that might be tested is correct. Any prep book should give you a good breadth of knowledge, but I would also suggest you take as many practice REAL (official) tests as possible. You can find those at

      I like this book:
      Although I wouldn’t say it’s 100% comprehensive, nor does it offer enough hard level questions. But depending on what you’re scoring now, this book could be a good start.

      To get a 34-36, you must be able to do any math question on the ACT, even the hardest ones, in about 1 minute or less. Maximum 90 seconds. You should also be able to do the easier questions in 10-30 seconds each. Good luck!

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