The Bruce Lee Framework to Skyrocket Your SAT/ACT Scores – Young Prodigy

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How to earn a top-tier SAT/ACT score

...without nagging or slaving over practice tests every weekend


  • If you're sick of having to nag your teen
  • If you've tried to teach them self-motivation & responsibility, only to realize how behind they've fallen
  • If you're worried the SAT/ACT will be the thing holding them back from a great college & future success


  • If you think you're a "bad test taker"
  • If you're tired of second-guessing yourself (because every answer looks potentially right)
  • If you feel that you can't do math, reading, grammar, or science to save your life

Get my SAT/ACT Playbook to earn a top-tier score that can open the gates to your dream college using the Bruce Lee Framework.

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