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PLEASE NOTE: The group program below is no longer offered. However, you can still get a sense of my approach/philosophy to test prep below and schedule a free call with me to discuss my 1-on-1 programs.

Ready to earn the SAT/ACT score of your dreams without slaving over practice tests every weekend?

Want to crush the SAT/ACT?


  • If you've sick of having to nag your child
  • If you've tried to teach them self-motivation & responsibility, only to realize how behind they've fallen
  • If you're worried the SAT/ACT will be the thing holding them back from a great college and successful future


  • If you think you're a "bad test taker"
  • If you're tired of second-guessing yourself (because every answer seems like it could be right)
  • If you feel that you can't do math, reading, grammar, or science to save your life

Then discover how to get in league with schools you thought were out of your league with a TOP-TIER SCORE using my Bruce Lee Framework

This is NOT a Program for Everyone

If you believe that the key to SAT/ACT success is pure hustle, grind, and endless practice tests...

Or you believe that quick-fix SAT/ACT strategies are the magic bullets to boost scores in only a couple hours a week...

Then I'm NOT your guy.

BUT if you're a devoted parent determined to help your teen reach their full potential, enter the college of their dreams, and ensure their future success as they leave their mark on the world...

And you're done with nagging or entirely trusting your them to do it all on their own...

Or if you're a committed student who's dying for stratospheric score improvements... in less time, without brute force practice that relies on that fleeting feeling called "motivation"...

Then let me put you at ease. SAT/ACT Ascension is the program you've been waiting for.

How would it feel to know your student was rock-solid confident in their answers?

Or to see them walk out of the testing center with head held high because they just KNEW in their deepest gut that they absolutely crushed the SAT or ACT?

What if they caught all of the traps because they could see exactly what the test makers were trying to dofrom a mile away?

Imagine how it'd feel to have helped your student finally earn the score of your dreamsputting them in league with the schools they thought were out of their league.

Equipped with my SAT/ACT strategies, mindsets, and success training, hundreds of my students have achieved exactly thatand I want your family to be next.

Oh, and how about NO HOMEWORK outside of the program, which means no nagging?! (How is that possible? Let's talk.)


A transformational (not just informational) experience

Over the course of 8-weeks, I'll help you to earn the SAT/ACT score of your dreams by developing a personalized action plan just for you.

The system is designed to clear up the confusion, stop the stress, and melt away the overwhelm—through eye-opening strategies, customized assignments, and individual mentorship targeted at your specific weaknesses. I'll shave dozens of hours off your prep time by ensuring you are not wasting your effort on useless concepts, mindless practice, or ineffective strategies.

When you are equipped with an organized process and an inspirational coach in your corner, your frustration and anxiety become things of the past. Instead, there's only the steady march of progress towards stratospheric scores and the college of your dreams.

NOT just another boot camp.

If you're searching for more than a tutor who teaches, but a mentor who challenges...if you don't just want your student to simply study, but to learn...then this program is for you.

SAT/ACT Ascension is the industry's best-kept secret to take students from low score to jaw-dropping, admissions-changing scores.

My job is not to get your student a score improvement; it's to create a stratospheric improvement that moves the needle and dramatically increases the chances of admissions at their dream college!

Give me just 8 weeks to try something different...

...perhaps a little uncomfortable, and you'll be amazed at what your student can achieve as I personally guide them to properly apply the Bruce Lee Framework.

Alexandria Im

University of Chicago (San Marino High)

I started prepping for the SAT with Peter during the first half of my Junior year after a friend recommended him to me. What was great about Peter was that every session was productive and tailored to my needs. Unlike many test prep companies, every lesson focused specifically on what I needed to work on, whether that was non-calculator algebra problems or figuring out a consistent way to decipher the reading section.

Honestly, when it came to the SAT, I lacked the discipline to study/do practice problems without something to motivate me. Peter became the person who sat me down and encouraged me to concentrate on studying with manageable workloads and individualized explanations of problems. In the end, Peter saved me from possibly every student’s nightmare: having to take the SAT a million times. In only two tries, I was able to achieve an SAT superscore of 1540 [out of 1600].

Later that year, I started applying to college. During that time, a lot of people are left wondering “am I doing this right?” Luckily, with Peter I never needed to worry about that. He was a crucial part of mapping out what parts of the college experience was important to me, and from that, creating a list of colleges that I applied to.

In addition, having Peter’s assistance in writing my college essays was an invaluable help. His help on my essays never made them more “stuffy” or “only what colleges want to hear” and instead allowed me to illustrate my own strengths and personality better than I could have done on my own.

I was then admitted to my dream college (The University of Chicago), and I owe a lot of that to Peter. During the college admission and standardized testing process, having a trustworthy and dedicated person to guide you can make the difference between a stressful and fruitless experience and a happy ending, and there is no better guide for that than Peter.

Jason Chandran

Junior at Simi Valley High School

My first attempt at SAT [before working with Peter], I scored a 1480. My reading was what I needed to improve especially in regards to historical passages. Peter helped me prepare for the reading portion of the SAT by outlining a set of useful and practical strategies. One of the strategies that worked especially well for me was the order in which we tackled the test. Unlike other conventional methods, Peter showed me how to analyze each question with its corresponding section of the passage. This "divide and conquer" method really helped me manage time efficiently and gave me a much better chance at getting more questions right.

I only had 4 sessions with him and my English score improved from a 690 to 750 (with only 1 wrong in the reading section)—[and a total of 1540 out of 1600]. I strongly recommend him for anyone who is trying to get that perfect score or reach a score that's above 1500. His strategies work very well. Peter has helped me gain more confidence in tackling not only the SAT reading, but also other English tests such as the AP English Language exam. I will definitely be using him to do my college essays and will update based on what colleges I get into.

Erika Luu

UC Santa Barbara (Arcadia High School)

Peter helped me with ACT tutoring from January through April during my junior year and I was able to score a 35 on my first try!

I first felt very nervous about how I would prepare for the ACT because it was so late into my junior year and I hadn't started any tutoring or practicing at all. I felt way behind all of my fellow classmates that used Elite for test preparation. That is usually the most popular option for students at Arcadia High, but I think Peter has helped me far beyond what Elite could have done.

When I took my first diagnostic ACT test, my composite score was a 30. My lowest scores were 28’s in both English and Science and I thought I would never be able to reach the 33 that I hoped for.

Thankfully, Peter has perfected the most effective ways to prep his students for testing. He targeted the areas that I especially needed help with first and slowly improved my skills little by little. He was patient and explained everything that I didn't understand thoroughly. The homework that he assigned wasn't outrageous and it was specific to the areas that needed more help. It was such a positive boost when he would lessen my workload when he saw improvement because it showed me that my efforts were paying off and that I was getting closer to my goal.

In addition to this, Peter gave me really awesome techniques and tricks that helped me with my timing and grammar issues. It made the entire test a lot less daunting and easier to tackle. It really helped change my perspective on how to approach things and I even had time to spare while taking the test.

I was floored when I got the scores for my ACT back. I got a 35 in both English and Math and, to put the cherry on top, I scored a perfect 36 on the Science section. It's crazy to think that Science started off as my worst score and I improved 5 points from my original composite score of 30.

Greg Van Kirk

Rice University (Arcadia High School)

I began prepping to take the SAT in the summer before my Junior Year. I took a blind public practice test with no prep and no direction and scored around 1900. I wanted to do better, but didn’t quite know where to start. The test seemed long and some of the questions needlessly confusing.

During his initial presentation, I saw that Peter was precise and thorough; he had done his research and had a well-thought out strategy to help a student succeed. As I worked with Peter, I was impressed by his calm demeanor and detailed explanations. He always knew multiple ways to attack a problem and always had a way to make the problem make sense.

He perfectly tailored the whole experience to me, something that I truly appreciated and something that ultimately helped me be my most successful.

Through Peter’s help, I was able to improve my SAT score to 2300 with 770 in Reading and Writing with a 760 in Grammar, a score I was very proud of. After college decisions came out in April, I was accepted to: Rice University (my top choice), UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC Davis, UC San Diego, UC Irvine, Occidental College, and Santa Clara University. I owe a lot to Peter for helping me get to this awesome school, and I highly recommend him to anyone in need of help with their test prep. He is flexible and can definitely work to help you achieve your goals!

Why the SAT/ACT is More Important Than Your GPA & Extracurriculars

I'll admit it, most people are completely confused when I declare that your SAT/ACT score is more important than your GPA. Isn't GPA the most important thing?

Well, yes and no.

Your GPA accounts for about 40-50% of your college admissions decision (acceptance or rejection). Because of how important GPA is, the typical student spends around 5,000 hours throughout high school going to class, studying for tests, writing papers, and working on projects.

What about sports, music, clubs, volunteering, and other extracurriculars? These are critical too, of course. The typical student spends around 1,000 to 2,000 hours here (more if you're really involved). Extracurriculars account for about 20-30% of your college admissions decision.

Then we have your SAT/ACT.

Did you know?

The SAT/ACT is worth TWO FULL YEARS of your GPA (at some colleges, it's worth the SAME as your entire GPA)?!

That means the SAT/ACT is equivalent to 10-12 full classes at school! How many thousands of hours did that take? 2,000 hours is typical.

You probably know that the SAT/ACT is the singular most important test of your high school career, yet I'd wager that you've spent less than a hundred hours preparing for it.

"Whoa, 100 hours?! That's crazy."

I hear you. But is it really that crazy? Seeing how the SAT/ACT is worth two full years of your GPA (about 2,500 hours of effort), isn't 100 hours a bargain? Preparing for this test is the single best thing you can do to improve your college chances.

A 100-point SAT improvement or 2-point ACT improvement roughly DOUBLES your admission chances. That's easily achievable, and with the right approach to prep, you can improve FAR MORE than that (my students routinely get 2x, 3x, even 4x that).

What's more, many colleges consider SAT/ACT hard cutoff scores, meaning if you don't meet the minimum threshold, you're out!

What about those students with below average scores who still got in? They're called "development cases": children of megadonors (literally millions of dollars, and sometimes, that doesn't even work. I know because I've had clients who were legitimate billionaires), powerful White House officials, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, or A-list celebrities...or you possess world-class talent (think the next Michael Phelps).

I've worked with families that come from all of the above, so I've seen how this admissions thing works from the inside out.

For the rest of us, we're going to have to earn the minimum score for your dream school. That's just the price to play the admissions game. It's table stakes.

But wait, don't colleges offer "holistic admissions," promising to look at EVERYTHING in your application? Sure, in a perfect world they would love to. But the reality is colleges have a limited staff of overworked admission officers.

I personally know officials working in admissions, and they are required to grind through dozens of applications PER DAY—for weeks, even months on end. That translates into about 5 to 10 minutes glancing at your application.

If your SAT/ACT score isn't up to snuff, you've tainted their first impression of you already. While they'll briefly flip through the rest of your app, unless there's something truly exceptional there, a low SAT/ACT score is often insurmountable. I don't want that to happen to you.

Because the thing is, the SAT/ACT is actually the easiest part of your application that you can improve quickly (and in an hour for hour comparison, there is nothing better that you can do with your time than SAT/ACT prep...until you hit the minimum score).

Yes, 100 hours of prep isn't nothing, but that time pales in comparison to all the other things you're doing.

I mean, I know sports and music and clubs are fun. You get to hang out with friends, forge relationships, develop your leadership, and even do your body (and sanity) good. So don't get me wrong: I'm not saying to quit these things.

But if you've already devoted 500 hours to basketball practice or dance or orchestra or volunteering, colleges get it. They'll give you the credit for your hard work, but they won't give you "extra credit" for another 100 hours after you've passed a certain point.

What if instead you funneled that 100 hours into SAT/ACT prep and did something that could double, triple, even quadruple your chances to get into the college of your dreams and pave the path to the rest of your life...would that be worth it?

There's nothing else with this magnitude of impact that can be accomplished in as little time. Again, I must emphasize that just a couple months of focused effort on SAT/ACT prep equals TWO YEARS of school!

To explore whether I can help you ace this test, go ahead and...

Why Endless Practice Doesn't Work

When I was in high school, all I was taught to do was drill practice questions and tests over and over. My parents signed me up for one of those typical SAT boot camps. Packed like sardines in that stale room, I and 30 other kids were stuck there for 6 hours every Saturday, plus many more hours on several school days throughout the week. And summer was just one massive cram fest.

It was not pretty.

My instructors were a portly Asian man who was a certifiable math genius (but he insisted on showing off his whiz skills rather than simplifying things for us students) and an old retired English teacher whose handwriting was worse than the chicken scratch on a doctor's prescription pad.

Don't get me wrong. I liked them. But they weren't good teachers. The math teacher would tell my mom, "Peter can definitely get an 800 in math. He's very smart; he just has to practice."

Geez, mister, so the hundreds of hours of practice I've put in by that point haven't paid off yet, but good to know that all it takes is even MORE practice! Can you actually show me what I'm doing wrong and equip me with real strategies?

My English instructor would laugh when I tried a creative (but risky) move on my essay. "This is really clever! But you're being too smart for your own good."

Oh, okay. But I'd rather earn top marks than be told that I'm clever or smart. So what's up with my low score? Can you help me with that?

"Let's have you practice on another test. You can do it!" she replied. Encouraging, but ultimately unhelpful.

Finally, I told my parents ENOUGH! All they were really paying for was glorified babysitting, someone to watch me as I did my SAT homework. Some students need that accountability because it's hard to be motivated alone at home. But I needed more—I needed someone who could actually show me the strategies, rather than run me through a million drills with continually discouraging results.

I decided to just stay home and grind through a thousand more practice questions and dozens more tests. It was sheer torture. I wanted to tear out my hair, and more times than I care to confess, I screamed at the top of my lungs because the questions just weren't making sense!

I was one of the crazy ones. I began SAT prep around 7th grade. You'd think with such a head start that I'd be done well before my senior year. But it took me until the very last test date before college app deadlines. It was sink or swim.

Thankfully, I ultimately hit my goal of above 1500 out of 1600. I earned a 1520 to be exact (a perfect 800 in math and 720 in verbal), but why in the world did it take 5 years?! And was 1520 really the best I could hit?

Well, these days, after working for 4 test prep companies, training their tutors, writing their curriculum, and generally being a full-time SAT/ACT strategist, I'm routinely able to earn perfect scores on both tests.

The difference? It wasn't more practice. In fact, it was LESS practice, but more precision prep. It was learning the right strategies and personalizing my learning to the specific weaknesses I had.

The thing is, practice DOESN'T make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect—and no one had shown me how to practice properly.

The problem with brute force practice is that it's mindless and haphazard. Yet, it's the default way students choose to approach their SAT/ACT prep.

Crack open a book and start doing the problems, right? No, that's actually terrible. I tell my students that taking a practice test is like getting on the bathroom scale. It tells you your number, but it doesn't help you lose the weight. For that, you need proper dieting and exercise.

Taking a practice test is similar. It tells you your score, but doing it again doesn't improve your number. But wait, you might say, I reviewed my mistakes and understood them! How come my next test is barely any different?

That's because every question is likely testing a different concept at various difficulty levels. You'll never see the exact same question again on the real test, so understanding how to do that one specific problem doesn't really help you understand the underlying concepts and all their possible variations.

The SAT and ACT are masters at disguise. They're shapeshifters, twisting their concepts into unfamiliar forms, so even if you know how to solve your old mistakes, you still get stumped by new ones.

Plus, do you really think reviewing a question for a couple minutes before moving onto the next question (and next concept) means you've truly mastered the original concept already? This sort of random, sloppy study means you'll rack up tons of practice hours, but not a whole lot of improvement.

But once you pinpoint your specific issues and organize your SAT/ACT prep plan in a systematic way, then you can make serious progress—in relatively little time, without the drag of endless tests.

If you're looking for expert guidance to implement this, then go ahead:

The Biggest Mistake

The biggest mistake I've seen students make is the way they review the questions they missed. The fatal flaw is believing that understanding an explanation (whether a written solution, a video explanation, or one from a tutor) is the same as being able to do the question yourself.

Does watching master chef Gordon Ramsey prepare a delicious meal mean you can do the same? Does watching NBA superstar Stephen Curry effortlessly sink a three-pointer mean you can do that too? Of course not.

Yet, when it comes to the SAT/ACT, I see countless students impatient to move onto the next question immediately after receiving an explanation.

Learning is NOT a spectator sport! That's why I insist my students get their hands dirty and actively redo the problem, not just passively absorb.

The blame should actually fall on the tutor if that doesn't happen. When I was hiring other tutors at the previous companies, I noticed something fascinating: the smarter the tutor, the more he just intuitively understood that an answer was right or wrong, but the worse he was at explaining WHY—especially in simple terms that a confused student could understand.

The result? Complicated solutions that intimidated students and made them feel stupid, rather than encouraged and educated.

It's the lazy way out for a tutor to simply explain his singular way of doing the problem and move onto the next one. But it's far more challenging for a tutor to actually put himself in the minds of his students to understand their logic.

The key is to help students develop their own reasoning so that they can adapt as necessary. It's about guiding students to spot the faults in their logic so they don't make mistakes in the first place, rather than looking back and explaining the answers.

Isn't it interesting that a student can be given the same exact test he or she has already taken and fully reviewed, with the exact same specific questions, yet he or she still doesn't get 100%? They're not being shown the proper way to improve from their mistakes. There's no organized and personalized learning system in place.

In many cases, students already understand the concepts. Yet they STILL get the question wrong. That's because they did not notice the traps, so explaining to them WHY an answer choice is right or wrong isn't helpful. They already know. The real work is showing the student HOW to prevent mistakes in the first place by implementing a strategic system and approach.

Typical boot camps and tutoring are so ineffective because they focus on WHAT students need to know for the test (the academic knowledge), but not HOW to actually approach learning or WHY they should learn in the first place (the driving motivation to do well).

What I've realized is that scoring high yourself does not mean you know how to help others score high. It's taken me years to refine and perfect the second skill set.

Modeled after the great Bruce Lee, I take my students through the Bruce Lee Framework to earn the SAT/ACT scores of their dreams. If you want to see if I can help your student do the same, then please:

The Bruce Lee Framework for Top-Tier Scores

Bruce Lee wasn't just an elite martial artist; he was a wise philosopher. The Bruce Lee Framework revolves around 5 of his core philosophies that will help your teen skyrocket their score.

#1: Master Your Mind

Bruce Lee might be famous for his physicality, but he was a force to be reckoned with because of his mind. Mentality is everything.

For us, mastering your mind means several things:

  • Tapping into self-motivation by finding an empowering REASON to learn
  • Developing an unwavering commitment to reach your dream score
  • Rewiring the harmful lies we believe about ourselves

Typical tutor focuses on teaching you the technical content, that is, the academic math, reading, and grammar rules. While that's important during the lesson, what's more important is what happens in between lessons.

Does real improvement come from 1-2 hours of tutoring a week or from consistent practice doing things the right way throughout the week?

While tutors can demonstrate the proper techniques during lessons, they rarely help students discover HOW to learn or help motivate them to practice by helping them find their REASON for learning. Without this deep personal drive to learn, it's going against human nature to force someone to study.

The typical tactics:


"It's for your own good and your own future."

Has appealing to someone by telling them it's for their own good ever truly worked when they don't want to do it?


"If you study hard, I'll get you a car, an Xbox, tickets to a concert, etc."

While incentives can be helpful, the pain of studying often outweighs the benefit of the bribe. Plus, do you want to encourage a dependency on external motivation?


"If you don't study, I'm turning off the WiFi and taking away your phone."

They may work in the short term, but can you keep this up? I think we know how this turned out. 


 "Please, do it for me. Think of how much we've invested; don't let it go to waste!"

When we're really desperate to help, we'll resort to pleading. But isn't it really quite pitiful? Typically, this just makes students feel guilty or resentful.


"Why are you so lazy? Why can't you manage your time better? I'm really upset with you!"

Shaming often pushes students further away from the desired outcome. It triggers actions of spite—specifically, to NOT study. This is why I never tell my students they did a poor job.

Help students mastering their mind is about raising students up, triggering the positive emotions that make them want to work at this...for themselves and as a team.

This is where the model of mentorship comes in. Through proper mentorship, we can instill a truly personal desire to work that will sustain throughout the entire program, rather than a single night of sheer willpower.

Here's what I'll often tell my students:

"I'm really proud of you that you were able to put in 10 minutes yesterday. Do you know that's actually infinitely times more work than most people—because they didn't do it at all. And you were able to learn a new concept in those 10 minutes, so now you know exactly what to watch out for next time. If you were able to accomplish that in 10 minutes, imagine how great your score will be when you put in an hour each night."

This is not about praising minimal effort. This is about instilling a sense of pride in my students so that they want to live up to the acknowledgement. I call this prophetic encouragement—not because I can tell the future like some sort of prophecy, but because when students hear these genuine words, they work to make it a self-fulfilling prophecy.

We build a connection together, which is why my students often consider me a big brother, not a parent or teacher. We're in this together—me and you vs. the big bad SAT/ACT.

When that connection is established, I'm able to help students master their mind further by helping them set an unwavering goal, the number that they must hit no matter what. Our brains are a funny thing—we'll accept as much as we tell ourselves that we'll accept, very little more or less.

In high school, I made a mental vow to myself that I MUST get an 800 in math and at least 700 in verbal, for an overall 1500. If I got 1490? Take it again. Guess what I ended up with? 800 math and 720 verbal—just above my goal. I did not give myself a psychological safety net of thinking "I guess 1490 is acceptable. It's not ideal, but I'll live."

I help students commit to their personal number that they absolutely must reach because as soon as we entertain the idea of accepting less, then less is what we're going to get.

And the only way to actually achieve our unwavering goal is to break any limiting beliefs of negative identities we have of ourselves. You're a bad test taker? No you're not—that's not who you are at heart. You just haven't been taught the right way yet, so I'm here to help. You suck at math? No you don't.

You just need someone to connect the steps in a logical way. Math is fun when it actually makes sense, so let's make it fun. Reading is impossible? Can't finish in time? Nope, nope. You just need the right approach to break down the passages and a proper pacing strategy.

Mastering your mind is about developing a self-belief in what's possible and connecting with your personal reason to do it. I don't merely teach WHAT you need to know to ace the test like typical tutors; I focus on equipping you with HOW to internalize the concepts and igniting the FIRE that will make you burn to learn.

This pillar of the Bruce Lee Framework is so fundamental that nothing else matters without it. Mastering this part is how we'll eliminate the all-too-common occurrence of students lacking the motivation to put in enough hours of practice, much less practice in the RIGHT way...with precision and personalized prep.

#2: Find Your Foes

Personalized prep begins with finding your foes (your specific weaknesses). That's why I have all my students start with a diagnostic test by the official test makers themselves (not some knockoff copy from those books you may find in Barnes and Nobles or on Amazon).

But beyond a simple score, I'll analyze each question on a granular level, identifying the specific concepts beneath each individual problem. It's not enough to know you got an "algebra" question wrong or a "punctuation" question wrong. Sometimes, a single question is layered with multiple concepts, so it's critical to identify all of the underlying concepts.

Then you have to know which foes to attack first. Like in war, if you take out the general, the whole army falls. Don't waste your time fighting the foot soldiers. Similarly, aim to master the concepts that will actually shift the tide.

The fact is not all concepts are tested equally. Have you ever heard of the 80/20 rule? It states that putting in 20% of the effort will get you 80% of the results. The same holds true here on the SAT/ACT. 

Don't waste time worrying about a concept shows up on only one question if you haven't yet mastered a concept that accounts for 10 questions.

Because I'm so data-driven, I know the exact extent that each concept is tested, so I can guide you to focus on the right foes. It's better to be a master at a few key concepts than a novice at all concepts. Let's get you the biggest bang for your hour, shall we?

#3: Face Your Fears

Bruce Lee wasn't courageous because he was fearless but because he acted despite his fear.

When most students study, they just like to do a bunch of practice problems because it FEELS productive. It feels especially good when they get most of them right, say 90%. But what good is it to keep doing problems you are already good at? It's too easy, so you aren't actually learning anything new or improving.

When you face your fears (the hardest concepts for you), improvement is inevitable. After working with hundreds of students, I've seen a clear difference between those who succeed and those who don't.

The successful ones adopt a "comprehension mentality," a desire to actually understand what they got wrong. In contrast, the unsuccessful students have a "completion mentality," in which they merely aim to complete the assignment.

I don't really care if you finish everything if you aren't learning anything. I stress productivity, not activity. Let's face the 10% of concepts that scare you because that's where real progress is going to happen.

That doesn't mean rush recklessly into these difficult concepts. We need a strategic and systematic plan, which leads me to pillar #4 of the Bruce Lee Framework. 

#4: Forget New; Instead Review

I've noticed that most students have this obsession with wanting to do new questions, to take a different practice test. I get it—they might worry that they're not exposing themselves to more practice and more concepts. They're worried that they've already memorized the answer, so doing the same question again feels like a waste of time.

But you don't need to learn more concepts when you haven't mastered the old ones. Until you've squeezed every bit of learning out of a question you've already missed once, you're just burning through the bank of practice questions.

As Bruce Lee once said, "To know is not enough; we must apply." To understand an explanation is not enough; we must be able to solve the problem.

Another of my favorite quotes by Bruce Lee goes like this:


"I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times."

Bruce Lee - martial artist

Ahh, such wisdom.

When it comes to the SAT/ACT, it's the same idea. Even though these exams will test dozens of concepts, trying to practice all of them a little means you won't be good at any of them. It's better to know which concepts will show up most frequently and master those. Better to be a master at some concepts than a novice at all.

I'm all about disproportionate returns. If you have 3 hours to study, I can show you how to milk 10 hours worth of learning.

Focus on reviewing, not doing new questions. That's why it's completely unnecessary (and discouraging) to slave over practice tests every weekend. It's more efficient and effective to properly review and master a concept deeply before moving on.

Be calm and methodological, just like Bruce Lee.

#5: Be Shapeless, Like Water

Here's another Bruce Lee gem: "Empty your mind. Be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.”

If you are rigid in your approach, believing you must attempt a question in a particular sequence of steps, then you won't be able to adapt when the question's circumstances change. The steps you've memorized for one specific question may not apply to a similar question.

You must be shapeless, like water...nimble and flexible, ready to adjust to the situation. That means be willing to experiment and see where it leads. You'd be surprised, especially in math, at how often simply starting to calculate SOMETHING, ANYTHING leads to unexpected breakthroughs.

Perfect scorers often report they got lucky on a couple questions. But was it luck? Or was it their willingness to try anything, even if they didn't know where it would lead?

That's the difference between top performers and average ones. The average student who gets stuck on a question simply gives up after a little while, but the top performer will furiously try one way, then another, and another...up to the very last second.

Give yourself the gift of exploration. Rather than knowing from the destination from the start, nimbleness is embracing the process of discovery.

Just like water conforms to its container, we must adapt to the test in order to excel.

By following these five philosophies, results beyond belief are within reach.

If you'd like help implementing the Bruce Lee Framework, then it'd be my honor to guide your student to the SAT/ACT score of their dreams.

Alice Shen

Mother of A.L.  -  Washington University in St. Louis

My daughter A.L is a senior from a competitive private high school in Pasadena, California. A.L. was accepted early decision to her dream private college in September 2016.

Mr. Peng was working with A.L. in her junior year on her ACT. A.L. was a good writer and works on her school newspaper; however, she was over careful and took too much time to structure her writing. Mr. Peng taught A.L. not only the best way to approach the writing subject, but also a systematic way to organize her thoughts quickly. My daughter received 36, a perfect score, on her ACT writing.

A.L. also had challenges on the Science section on her ACT. Mr. Peng taught her how to apply common sense and no need to over analyze the tricky problem. A.L. then received 34 of 36 on her ACT composite score.

We were especially impressed with Mr. Peng’s ability to deal calmly yet professionally with the nervous parents. It definitely make our daughter’s learning more effective.

His professionalism, availability and knowledge throughout the process helped our daughter beyond words. I recommend him highly to students who prepare to get in highly competitive colleges, especially the private ones.

Abraham Niu

University of Southern California Neuroscience, UC Berkeley (Arcadia High) 

Before meeting Peter, I had purchased SAT prep books and tried to self-study for the test on my own. However, I kept hitting the same obstacles and did not show much improvement. Many of my friends had gone to Peter for help before, and they recommended me to seek Peter for help.

I vividly remember him stating his teaching philosophy upon my first encounter with him, “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” I was immediately blown away by this perfectionist mindset and attention to microscopic detail. Peter helped pinpoint my weaknesses and gave me insightful tips to overcome them.

His teachings translated over to my ACT tests as well, as I showed marked improvement in many categories. Despite having a busy schedule with percussion rehearsals and soccer practices, Peter was extremely flexible and always checked up on my progress throughout the week.

Peter is the perfect tutor. His consistent work ethic and invaluable experience will surely bridge all gaps between you and your goals.

What I Do

I'm Peter Peng, Brown University alumni and founder of Young Prodigy.

  • 1
    I Get Massive Score Increases
    My students routinely see industry-leading improvements (200-300+ on the new SAT, 5-7+ on the ACT). And those are just the typical improvements I help produce. My records are over 2x that for my top students. I'm not in the business to merely improve your score; I'm in it to move the needle to exponentially increase your chances of admission into the college of your dreams.
  • 2
    I Trained the Trainers
    I've worked for 4 major test prep companies, trained their instructors, and even wrote their curriculum before founding Young Prodigy. I've discovered what works and what doesn't, so I know these tests better than anyone.
  • 3
     The SAT/ACT is My Full-Time Job & Obsession
    Unlike the vast majority of tutors who teach as a part-time gig, I live, breathe, and sleep all things SAT/ACT. In the last ten years, I've mastered not just the SAT and ACT's academic content and strategies, but also the skill of training others to do the same—two very different skill sets.
  • 4
     Created the Curriculum
    I've researched, tested, and refined SAT/ACT strategies for a decade. I've published some of the most in-depth SAT/ACT strategy guides found anywhere, including over 500 pages of SAT/ACT guides. I've recorded dozens of hours (50+) of SAT/ACT video content. Would you rather work with someone who has merely learned the curriculum or the curriculum creator himself?
  • 5
    15 Years of Experience
    After mentoring hundreds of students 1-on-1, I'm intimately familiar with the ways students think, so I know how to meet them where they are and guide them back in the right direction. Unlike typical tutors, I don't impose my personal approach for a specific problem because there is more than one way. My experience has taught me to see my students' line of thinking, so I can course correct only as needed. I inspire critical reasoning, not rote memorization.

Maybe I'm Just a Raving Lunatic
but don't take my word for it

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When I became an Eagle Scout, I was allowed to hand out little medals of gratitude to a select few who had made a lasting impact in my life. I spent hours forming and refining a list, taking names on and off. One was never erased though. And that was Peter Peng.

What I really admire about Peter is his work ethic and his ability to understand my thinking process and tailor a curriculum to my needs. Whenever I hit a wall or a mental block, Peter is able to find its weak points and tear it down by teaching me fresh new techniques and methods. Peter also always keeps up with the latest changes to these tests and creates new curriculum and techniques to help his students conquer them. I improved my SAT score from an 1850 to a 2300 (2350 super-score). I scored an 800 in Math, an 800 in Writing, and a 750 in Critical Reading.

With Peter’s support and ACT techniques, I was able to pull that score up to a 35...On my last try, I also scored a 36 on the ACT science section, opening doors to opportunities in any major in the STEM field.

Peter is a lot more to me than just a tutor. He is my mentor. He has stuck with me through thick and thin. Peter was always very supportive and took the time out of his schedule to answer my annoying questions and even shoot me reassuring texts before my SAT and ACT.

ISHAAN DEV  //  Arcadia High School Student
Accepted: UC Berkeley (Chemical Engineering), UCLA, UC San Diego, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Illinois, UT Austin, and more

It was always funny to see how he literally knew every answer to every kind of practice test we ever took without any sign of an answer key anywhere around.

When I first met Peter, I was a little ashamed to admit that I was an awful critical reader. I usually scored 600 or lower on this sub section of the SAT, which often ruined my overall score. Peter worked with me on this category and within a few trials, he had figured out the mistakes I was making when reading the passages.

Rather than drill me with useless and unnecessary techniques as a company like Elite does, Peter targeted my specific weaknesses and used the allotted lesson times to gradually strengthen my critical reading skills. He taught me how to read a passage quickly while absorbing the necessary material in a systematic way that best suited me. He taught me how to synthesize my own answers when reading questions so that I could find the correct answers in the critical reading section both quickly and accurately.

Overall, my critical reading score improved by over a 100 points, which dramatically improved my overall SAT score. Peter also sharpened my grammar and mathematical skills and made me a smarter test taker. I improved by almost 200 points in the writing section and by over 100 points in the math section.

I learned that with a few simple techniques and a well-rounded intellect, one could easily improve their SAT score in the span of a few weeks. This was a concept that the thousands of packets from other companies would never be able to teach me.

CHRIS ZAKI  //  Arcadia High School Student

Accepted: Princeton University, University of Southern California (USC), and more

I got to stay out of it and keep the relationship with my daughter intact.

Peter came over and immediately both Dominique and I felt comfortable with him. He is bright and articulate, but also “gets” teenagers. Ok, so he went to Brown University (not too shabby), but beyond that you could tell he was dedicated to a successful outcome.

Dominique began meeting weekly with Peter, and in between those weeks, Peter would give her assignments as she prepared for taking the ACT. In addition to the weekly meetings, he assured us that he would be available to Dominque at any time with questions. He responded immediately with answers and advice. He had her on a rigorous but certainly doable schedule.

My daughter is exceptional. I know every parent thinks that, but I will share why mine really is...she has ADD and dyslexia. On top of that she tore her ACL and Meniscus midway through her junior year. She had a major surgery, studied for the ACT, took a battery of psychological tests so that she could receive extended time for the ACT, challenged herself with AP courses, and took outside art classes. Guess what?

Yesterday, she was accepted to the University of Southern California. This is her dream school. Peter’s commitment to her and to our family as she plowed through this was greatly responsible for this outcome. We worked with Peter for several months and in that time, Dominique’s ACT score rose 7 points.

I am so forever grateful to Peter, not only for his guidance and expertise all along the way, but for making what could have otherwise been an unpleasant experience pretty relaxed. No won’t find it from him.

CAROL DEMIRJIAN  //  Mother of Campbell Hall Student
Accepted: University of Southern California (USC) - 1st choice - and more

By my final ACT, my score went up a full 7 points, and my English score was a 35!

Before I worked with Peter, I had awful test anxiety for standardized testing. Once I started working with him, I completely started to gain more confidence. He taught me how to take my time and really concentrate on what the questions were. I have to admit that my worse subject on the test was math.

Peter also helped alleviate my stress by talking on the phone with me (for free I might add) for half an hour every day when the test was approaching and we would do math problems. It showed me how much he truly cared about helping me gain the confidence I needed in order to take the test.

We would always focus on Science and Math primarily. At first, I was quite nervous for the Science section. I never really enjoyed Science, but Peter helped relieve my anxiety by showing me that the section was really just reading and analyzing charts and graphs. So by the time I was taking my ACT and reached the Science section, I felt quite prepared. My best score was always English. It made me feel so confident that Peter would never worry about my skills for that section of the exam!

He was very proud of my achievements. Now I am going to the University of Southern California, my first choice college, and I know I could not have done it without the help and guidance of Peter!

RIO THOROGOOD  //  The Buckley School Student

Accepted: University of Southern California (USC) - 1st choice - and more

My mom found several SAT tutors for me, but the only one I clicked with was Peter.

Hi! My name is J.D., one of Peter’s students for 2 years. I am now headed down south to Duke University. In the end, I got into several schools that made choosing one difficult...schools like Duke, Columbia, Cornell, Rice, Vanderbilt, Washington University in St. Louis, Amherst, University of North Carolina, and University of Michigan.

I went to a prep school in New York for all of high school, but Peter was able to meet with me on Skype. My school was very intense, and I would come home late from sports practice, games, with long nights of studying ahead. This made meeting times difficult, but Peter was very flexible and made himself available to me. We would meet at strange times and on the weekend, but Peter never would complain, even if it was 4 or 5am for him in California.

Before working with Peter, I went to an SAT camp because of my poor 10th grade PSAT scores. My 11th grade PSAT scores did not bode well for the schools that I wanted to go to either. Peter was able to find my weakness and knew what exercises to do to make me better. He is no doubt knowledgeable as he was my tutor for the SAT, SAT Subject Tests, ACT, and college admission essays.

I think the main reason why we got along so well is because of how friendly he is. Let’s face it, the college process is not a lot of fun. Luckily, Peter friendliness and positivity help out.

I started with only a PSAT of 134 out of 240, but with Peter, I hit 2080 out of 2400 on the SAT, which was good, but Peter wouldn’t let me settle for that. He encouraged me to try the ACT because he knew I could perform better there, and ended up with a 34 composite, a near perfect score. On the SAT Math Level 2 test, he helped me get a 750. He also helped me reach 730 on the SAT Literature test.

Having the college process behind me, I am very glad that I had the help I did. Peter was an amazing tutor. While Peter is friendly, he knows what he is doing and is tough. The best student for Peter is one who is ready to work hard. I can promise you that if you do work hard, great results will come about. I would recommend Peter to anyone who needs help in the college world.

J.D. //  Student at prestigious New York college preparatory school
Accepted: Duke, Columbia, Cornell, Vanderbilt, Rice, Amherst, Washington University in St. Louis, University of Michigan, and more

He understands when to be concise in his answers, or when to draw out a detailed explanation.

I took the ACT a little bit later than many of those who decided to take it at the beginning of their junior year. I decided to take the ACT late in my junior year (instead of the beginning of my junior year), because I felt the extra time would naturally allow me to mature intellectually.

However, this also placed me in a time crunch. I did not want to have to study for the ACT over the summer and take it again as a high school senior, so I only had a few opportunities to achieve the score I wanted. During this time, I was also in the heart of my junior year, meaning that my schedule was busier than ever. Knowing this, I wanted to maximize my studying efforts, which, for me, meant learning from a teaching figure.

As Peter guided me through his PowerPoint presentation during our consultation meeting, I noticed his attention to detail and professionalism. I could tell he was truly invested in tailoring his teaching style to each student’s needs. As a student, I’ve learned that the best teachers are not only intelligent and experienced, but also calm and patient. Peter checks all of these boxes.

Moreover, he offers different ways to approach the same question or problem. With Peter’s help, I was able to improve my initial ACT score of 29 to 34. I would recommend motivated students who are unsure how to approach studying for the SAT/ACT to work and improve with Peter. High school, with the accompanying standardized tests and college admission process, can bring about a lot of stress. Having Peter as a guide reduced the anxiety along the way.

FORREST HOFFMAN //  Arcadia High School Student

Accepted: Columbia University, CalTech, and more

You're probably missing something simple but major. Peter will point out what you're missing like he did for me.

I had two months to study for the June ACT. I didn’t know where to start—my math scores weren’t great, the science section completely overwhelmed me, and the reading section was too fast. After I realized my scores were not improving, I asked a friend how he scored so high on his ACT. He recommended Peter. I started weekly sessions with Peter a month before my ACT, and in a month my score raised 5 points. Five!

The two things that Peter helped me with the most were math and science. I improved my math score by 4 points from listening to Peter’s tricks for speeding through the math section, like plugging in the answers and making up answers, and from the copious math worksheets he gave me that targeted my problem areas. Similar to math, my science score improved 4 points. Science was completely overwhelming and fast-paced before starting my sessions with Peter. Peter helped me break down the science section until I understood the fastest way attack the science section effectively. Peter is always very clear and easy to understand, while still fitting a huge amount of material into a session.

I feel so relieved that not only my ACT is finally over with, but that I scored what I feel I need for I the colleges hope to attend. I’ve only taken the ACT once, thanks to Peter, and now I feel free to work on maintaining improving my GPA and college apps. I recommend anyone who believes the scores they are getting don’t match what they should be to consider Peter.

LISA AMADOR //  San Marino High School Student
Accepted: UC Davis and more

Before getting help with Peter I had an ACT composite of 25, after working with Peter I achieved a 33, which is an 8-point improvement!

I was struggling tremendously with the ACT and could not get above a 30 on any practice tests. In fact, I started off with a 25, so I decided I needed extreme help as my junior year was quickly closing in on me and college apps would be coming soon.

My biggest problem before working with Peter was being able to get scores above the 30 mark on any practice ACT and even the real one.  I felt like I was not capable of getting such a high score and it seemed almost impossible to me since you can only miss so few questions to earn a good score. I wanted to work with Peter because I heard about how good he was and how he had helped my friends.

The best thing about working with Peter was that he was extremely flexible. Being a competitive swimmer consumes a lot of my time and Peter was always there to work around my schedule. He would be willing to drive all the way to my house (an hour and a half drive) just to have a session of the same amount of time. If the session had to be quick (1 hour), he would suggest Skyping over the computer. He would also be willing to help me with anything I needed. I would sometimes text him at 12 at night and he would respond right away. Sometimes I would even call him at the most unorthodox times and he would answer. He would thoroughly explain EVERY single problem thoroughly and not just give me the right answer.

Before getting help with Peter I had an ACT composite score of 25, after working with Peter I achieved a 33, which is an 8-point improvement! My goal was to earn a 32 and I simply surpassed it and surprised myself. I believe this is going to help me tremendously when applying to colleges for now I am in the 99 percentile.

I would definitely recommend Peter to anyone that is looking for a serious tutor that is willing to go to extreme measures to make sure you achieve your goal or surpass it in my case. I feel that if I did not go to Peter I would regret a lot of my decisions and perhaps still be in bad position when applying to colleges. Thank you so much Peter and I hope all of you who read this have the same wonderful experience as I did.

PATRICK TULAPHORN //  San Marino HIgh School Student

Accepted: Washington University in St. Louis, NYU, and more

How the Program Works

SAT Ascension & ACT Ascension are separate programs. Even though some content overlaps, much of it doesn't, so the strategies and formats are different. Each program is tailored to your specific test, and if you're not sure which one to take, I can guide you in the right direction on our free call.

In the program, we'll meet online face-to-face. With just your webcam and microphone, you'll be able to see/hear everyone in the class and interact in real-time, just like you would in a real classroom. You'll also be able to see every stroke I write on my screen through a virtual whiteboard as I guide you through passages and problems.

If you can't make an instructional session, it will be recorded for you to watch at your convenience. Exact class days and times will be determined based on who signs up. (Flexible 1-on-1 scheduling with me is also an option.)

Classes are limited to 10-15 students maximum per class to keep things cozy and personalized.

The program runs for 8 continuous weeks leading straight up to the test. We'll meet for 100 hours: 3x/week for a total of 12.5 hrs/week (two 4-hrs sessions + one 4.5-hr session that is often used for a practice test), which is split into three components:

  • 1
    CONTENT CLARITY: Deep-dive instruction to give you absolute clarity and insight into every component of the test. No abstract or vague explanations here, just black-and-white clarifications and easily digestible and memorable lessons to supercharge every content weakness.

    We'll cover everything from academic concepts, to test-specific strategies that almost feel like cheating once you learn them, to timing/endurance/focus training, to test anxiety. And unlike virtually all other programs that merely explain why an answer is right or wrong looking backwards, you'll learn to catch the trap before you fall for it, so you don't make these mistakes in the first place! You're going to master the art of learning how to learn, equipping yourself with the skills to ace not just the SAT/ACT, but any standardized test or academic challenge.

  • 2
    SUCCESS TRAINING: Personalized and immediate 1-on-1 mentorship to apply the techniques. It's difficult to motivate yourself to practice alone at home. Moreover, it's like the blind leading him or herself: without proper reinforcement and instant feedback, you begin to develop bad habits, use faulty logic, and practice endlessly without actually learning. So I've eliminated MOST HOMEWORK from the program. Instead, I've baked personal accountability directly into the program.

    I'll develop a personalized training regime specific to your individual weaknesses so you aren't wasting any time on busywork, and you're working exactly at your proper level. You'll show up to train according to your custom action plan and receive personal help as you need it. Where typical tutoring (mere academic explanations) falls short, my mentorship approach excels: I don't simply teach math, reading, writing, or science; I teach you to reason for yourself, fix your problems, and refine your approach. The positive feedback loop of apply & refine is to key to SAT or ACT mastery.

  • 3
    REAL TESTING: Official proctored tests—not just "realistic"...but real, as in six official tests written by the test makers themselves. No knockoff substitutes by those brands you see in Barnes and Nobles. Only the real deal will do and under strict testing conditions. Honing your endurance, pacing, and focus on these long 4-hour tests is essential, so I'll help you do exactly that. Then I'll dissect and diagnose your precise issues, so we can surgically pinpoint the areas for you to focus on. 

    But I don't merely have you take tests back-to-back. That would be like stepping on the bathroom scale over and over, hoping to magically lose weight without doing anything differently. No, I believe in transformation—through proper SAT/ACT diet and exercise. I'll be there every step of the way to guide you, encourage you, and, yes, kick your butt into gear! The training won't be easy, but it will be optimal and effective. I promise not to waste your time with pointless work.

Look, I'm not just going to crack open the door for a peek at the Collegeboard and ACT Inc.'s greatest secrets; I'm going to kick down the whole wall to reveal every trick, every tactic, and every concept to ace the test!

Are you ready to help your fling open the iron gates to their dream college open? Because I am.

I'm assembling a SMALL class of like-minded, ambitious students who are looking to succeed. These are the same exact strategies that hundreds of my 1-on-1 clients have paid me thousands of dollars to learn, but you're getting them at a fraction of the cost (and a heck of a lot more hours + personal accountability + instant guidance). 

If you are committed to helping your student ace this test, then I invite you to apply for free breakthrough call to see if we'd be a fit.

The next programs kick off soon, so book now.

Riley Fox

UCLA (San Marino High)

I had always been a strong student with straight As. Yet, I struggled with the ACT. I first took the test blind (no preparation) and got a 27. I was tutored [not by Peter] and on the next test I got a 28. I switched tutors because I was unhappy with moving only one point up (I was aiming for at least above a 30). I decided to find another tutor and studied extremely hard. However, I still only moved up one point (29). I was getting extremely frustrated because I thought I understood all of the concepts.

A friend recommended Peter to me and I decided to give him a try. After our first meeting, I was extremely intrigued with his style of tutoring. He was extremely thorough and organized. I thought my other tutors were teaching me how to take the test, but Peter really taught me. He showed me tricks and ways to be a good test taker. He also pinpointed what I did not know and helped me master concepts.

I found Peter really wanted me to succeed and it was easy for me to get along with him. I was very comfortable asking questions and he took the time to explain things perfectly. After working with Peter for only a month, I took the ACT and got a 32. I improved three points in just a short amount of time! I stopped taking the ACT after that because it was September of my senior year and I had already taken it four times.

I wish I had found Peter earlier, because with his help and more time I am sure I could have done even better and probably wouldn't have had to take the test so many times. I don't know where I would be without Peter. He helped me get into amazing schools, including UCLA. I will be starting school there in the fall and have Peter to thank for making my dreams a reality.

I would recommend Peter to anyone who wants to succeed and is willing to put the work in. If you struggle with test taking, I would suggest Peter.

Jordan Hodgkins

University of Virginia (Pilgrim School)

Hello, my name is Jordan Hodgkins. I graduated from Pilgrim School in Los Angeles this past May and currently attend the amazing University of Virginia. My hard work and grades allowed me the opportunity to attend an elite college; however, the SAT was my worst nightmare considering the fact that every time I had to take it, I choked under the pressure. Since I did not want my scores to affect my chances of getting in the college of my dreams, my mother contacted Peter.

My college counselor immediately recommended Peter to my mom upon discussing my concern for the SAT. He never ran out of amazing things to tell us about Peter’s achievements and success for other students studying for the test. Looking back at the process now, I am truly grateful I had put my entire faith in these two amazing men.

Peter was knowledgeable in everything that there was to know about the SAT. The first session consisted of him telling me all the “secrets” about the test; some of them were straightforward, but some were thought out and could tell that only someone that has taken this test many times could have made the connection.

The sessions thereafter were dedicated to the sections themselves. Originally I was super slow and was falling for all of the traps. But as time progressed, I gained speed and eventually was making minimal errors, only getting the hard ones wrong simply because I ran out of time. Peter acknowledged that I was a slow test taker, but he taught me tips and tricks to use that to my advantage.

I am forever indebted to Peter for helping and supporting me through a such a terrifying and stressful process. It is because of his guidance that I was accepted into UVa early action and now have the chance to apply into the University’s school of Commerce. I can promise you that he will make it so your dreams can become achievable goals!

Cole Kawanami

Emory College (Northwood High)

I took the ACT test twice while prepping under Peter. The first test I got a 31 and the second one I hit my goal of 33.

When I took the practice ACT my sophomore year I got a 28, which isn't relatively bad for no prep or experience with the ACT whatsoever. What concerned me the most was time management and the science section. The content of the test is not particularly difficult but the time allotted made accuracy in completing the test difficult for me for sure. In that practice ACT test I guessed C for two whole science sections after staring at those passages and not knowing what to do as I ran out of time. I was looking at some websites in the early fall of my Junior year when I found a video of Peter talking about ACT tips for about an hour. It really seemed like he knew what he was talking about and I even took notes. After looking into Young Prodigy, my parents and I established a meeting with Peter at a Panera in Los Angeles.

After meeting with Peter and talking to him, it was clear that this would be the best way to get the results I wanted. His experience working with other tutoring companies and his emphasis on improving on particular skills rather than constantly taking practice tests in hopes of improvement really stuck out to me. Compared to the competition that I had researched and looked into beforehand, it seemed that Peter was the way to go.

We would Skype about once a week and really focus on particular areas such as grammar, math concepts, and reading strategies. Peter helped me raise my lowest scoring section, the English section, from a 28 to a 35. He also helped me drastically improve in accuracy and time management for the math and science sections and taught me strategies and concepts that I couldn't possibly have gotten independently or even from other ACT Prep tutors. The homework Peter assigned was reasonable yet effective as he provided me with some great resources that enabled me to really master the material. Peter had said that improving points gets more and more difficult when approaching 36, which I soon found out. However, Peter gave me the opportunity and encouragement to improve to the point I wanted to get to, which was a score of 33 for me personally.

My favorite part of working with Peter would have to be his constant kindness and patience towards me, even when my progress was slower than either of us wanted. I always felt free to ask questions and to own my mistakes so I could legitimately improve upon them.

After working with Peter, I'm relieved that I don't have to worry about standardized testing anymore. I have a lot of gratitude for Peter and everything he's done for me. I take a lot of solace in knowing that when I apply to colleges this fall, I will have an ACT I am comfortable with. I would highly recommend Young Prodigy to ambitious students who want competitive ACT or SAT scores considering that Peter is well versed in both.

It is important to note that the time you spend with Peter, both in meetings and in doing the work independently, is well spent and as efficient as possible. 

As of now I have personally recommended Young Prodigy to a few friends of mine and would highly recommend at least reaching out to and considering Young Prodigy if you are interested in attaining a good if not great score on either the SAT or ACT.

Imagine by the End of SAT/ACT Ascension

You're waiting in the parking lot to pick up your son/daughter after their test, a little anxious how they might have done...but one quick glance reveals the answer.

They're strutting down the walkway towards you, head held high because they just KNOW in their deepest gut that they crushed the SAT or ACT. They spotted all of the test makers' traps from a mile away, able to see exactly what they were trying to do but not falling for any of it.

They've worked hard to earn the score of their dreams. Suddenly, a wave of excitement floods over you as you realize what this means: you've just helped put your child in league with schools they thought were out of their league—all without mindless practice, rote memorization, or endless practice tests.

Equipped with my SAT/ACT strategies, mindsets, and success training, hundreds of my students have achieved exactly that—and I want your family to be next.

If you’re ready to help your student finally breakthrough the SAT/ACT flat line...

To help them regain their confidence by increasing their competence...

To tell them they never have to "settle" for a lower score or less-than-ideal college...

Then I have designed the most strategic, personalized, and efficient prep for your student.

I invite you to apply for a free breakthrough session to see if you’d be a fit for SAT/ACT Ascension. With airtight accountability and immediate feedback every step of the way, SAT/ACT Ascension lays typical tutoring to rest and introduces you to the new model of mastery through mentorship.

Finally shatter that score ceiling and hit stratospheric improvements to put your student in league with schools they thought were out of their league.

A personalized & strategic approach to test prep—for top-tier scores.

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